Title Year
How Amending Section 521 to Include a Statutory Ride-Through Provision Would Resolve Asset-Retention Problems in Consumer Bankruptcy 2014
Bonding Against Bankruptcy: Protecting Judgments Pending Appeal 2014
Home Mortgage Cramdown in Bankruptcy 2014
Specialization in Judicial Decision-Making: Comparing Bankruptcy Panels and Federal District Court Judges 2014
Contemplating the Recognition of a Common Law Tort for Wrongfully Refusing to Hire Bankruptcy Debtors 2014
Mandatory Indemnification in Claims Trading: Preserving the Purpose of Sections 502(d) and 510(c) of the Bankruptcy Code 2014
Bankruptcy Court Jurisdiction After Executive Benefits Insurance Agency v. Arkison 2014
Roundtable: Executive Benefits Insurance Agency v. Arkison 2014
Acquisitions in Bankruptcy: 363 Sales Versus Plan Sales and the Existence of Fire Sales 2014
Ten Lessons for Congress to Ponder About the Labor/Bankruptcy Intersection 2014
Hedge Funds in Bankruptcy 2014
Settlement Talks in Chapter 11 After "WaMu": A Plan Mediator's Perspective 2014
The Role of Distressed-Debt Markets, Hedge Funds and Recent Trends in Bankruptcy on the Outcomes of Chapter 11 Reorganizations 2014
Issues that the SEC Confronts in the Liquidation of Hedge Funds 2014
Auction Design for Claims Trading 2014
The Aftermath of "WaMu": A Problem Still in Search of a Solution 2014
Activist Investors, Distressed Companies, and Value Uncertainty 2014
Hedge Funds' Systemic Risk Disclosures in Bankruptcy 2014
Furthering the Goals of Chapter 11: Considering the Positive Role of Hedge Funds in the Reorganization Process 2014
Exploring the Enforceability of Pre-Petition Hindrance Mechanisms to Prevent Bankruptcy 2014